My Makeup Story

I Love making people feel their Best. I have been a makeup artist for 20 yrs. I do not believe a person needs makeup to look better! I think we use makeup for different reasons, and whatever those reasons are, I’m here to help. Whether you are young , just starting to explore, middle aged, looking to cover some trouble spots, or mature looking for a new look, I’m your guide to it all. I have worked on young, middle aged, mature, women, men and transgender, along with a myriad of different brands and mediums. When I started doing makeup, I really didn’t have a clue! I vividly remember those days! I started at Merle Norman at the Mall. I learned how to apply makeup and use colors from my boss and owner of Merle Norman. Now, 20 years later, I have worked on countless people.My favorite stories:A 65 year old Librarian, who never wore makeup. She wanted to do something different and said she needed a “little pick me up.” I kept the application natural and subtle. I was so nervous, she NEVER wore makeup and she’s 65! I was convinced, that no matter how little I applied, she would think she looked like a clown and be completely unhappy. But that didn’t happen, she loved it! She said: “I feel like a new woman.” I was shocked, and her words had such influence on me; I was 20 something and I made this woman look at herself like she’d never seen herself before. The impact I made on her with the application of a little lip gloss, blush and mascara was life changing for both of us. My second favorite is from another 60+ aged woman. She wanted to see if I could create an eyebrow for her. I recreated her eyebrow to match the other side. I managed to get the color and shape, spot on. She cried when she saw my work. She revealed she was in a car accident when she was 17 years old. She lost her eyebrow due to scarring and skin grafting. She hadn’t had an eyebrow for nearly 50 years! Everyone who previously tried, made her look either, permanently surprised, or used a very dark color. Have you ever seen someone with 2 different colored eyebrows? Trust me, it looks weird. But it’s amazing what a little brow powder can do when used correctly.What have I ultimately learned? We, as humans are all insecure or feel vulnerable about something about ourselves; we are all the same. Some of us just use makeup to make it better.

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