Dr. Drea’s House of Creations

The website filled with all of Drea’s Art and Creations. I hope you enjoy the view!


Click here to view Bridal and Halloween Makeup.

I love a challenging Halloween face. I also can’t turn down being a part of a bride’s big day!

This is where my art all started! And Makeup has always been there for me, we have a long history and I’ll never give it up!

Other Random Art & Creations by Drea

Click here for all the randos

I love to try new things! I shop locally & I love to repurpose old/used items. Resale shopping is a favorite hobby, so you will always find my random creations here.

Please take a look, you never know what you’ll find!

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A Saginaw, Mom, Wife and Artist with a lot of love and support from her Husband.

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