Andrea, just call me Drea (drāya)

Fulltime Nerd who is obsessed with art

My name is Andrea and my husband is George. We are a husband and wife team who have found something we love to do together- Art! George has never thought of himself as artistic, but found it relaxing when he learned there were no rules!

I have been an artist my entire life. I did not express it fully until I discovered makeup and impact I had on people with it in my 20’s. Applying and teaching lead to years of clients.

I was able to land my other dream job allowing me to travel the country. When I am not traveling, I work from my home office/studio. This change in lifestyle changed the direction of my art. I now focus on a small makeup client base, lots of resin and lots of acrylic art!

I started to limit the amount of clients I saw as I started to change focus on art I could do alone. And Resin clicked! I mean, it was a couple of tries, and I was hooked!

I started with some inexpensive materials from the craft store, and eventually found resin I liked a little more and started looking for more things to cover in it!

I am cheap….I mean frugal, and George & I love to go resale shopping. So I’m always collecting strange little things I can repurpose.

George is my total partner. He is encouraging and has some pretty good ideas of his own. He is definitely my handyman.

I hope you find something that speaks to you. It really is the artist wish. Most artist are critical of their own work, a little oooing and awwing goes a long way!

Please feel free to browse, or purchase that one piece that speaks to you.

Happy viewing!

Things I like to dabble in:
  • Resin Art
  • Acrylic Art
  • Crafting
  • Makeup Artistry

  • Modeling
  • Minor Acting Roles
  • Creating, finding new things to make!

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